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June is National Pet Preparedness Month: What can you do?

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What can you do for your pet during National Pet Preparedness Month? By now, summer is in full swing, and that means more time outside with our four-legged friends. That also means being prepared in case of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and flooding, so it’s best to plan ahead. One thing to do is create a disaster preparedness kit in …

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German Shepherd Dog saves Child from Snake

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Seven year old Molly was playing outside in her family’s fenced in back yard with their German shepherd dog named Haus. An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake approached. These snakes have the reputation of being the most dangerous venomous snake in North America, with a mortality rate of 10-30% depending on the study. The dog, seeing the snake, instantly positioned himself between …

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Firefighter saves Puppy, gains Companion

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William Lindler, a firefighter from South Carolina, was out washing his car when he smelled smoke. A shed on his neighbor’s property was on fire with a puppy named Jake trapped inside. William pulled Jake from the burning shed, and found the four pound puppy wasn’t breahing or moving. He immediately began mouth to snout resuscitation, reviving the puppy. Jake had …