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Reviews About Our Pet First Aid and CPR Class

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It’s always pleasant to wake up to an email notifying us that our course has been reviewed. Our mission for ProPetHero was to build an accredited pet first aid and CPR certification course for pet owners and professionals that provides student-centric education with in- depth coverage of 40 first aid subjects to effectively prepare people who believe pets are family. To most of us, pets are our family members so we should know how to save them like we should know how to save our mother, sister, brother, Aunt, Uncle, etc. – this is your reminder to learn human CPR, we offer that too! Bottom line; knowing what to do in an emergency or just knowing how to take action when you notice something’s wrong is critical knowledge to have.

Eliza Jessee, author of The Pup in Apartment 3 has done just that, she took our online pet first aid class so that she knows what to do if something should happen to Johann, her canine companion that lives in apartment 3! 

pet first aid course for pet owners

Checkout Eliza’s blog, she posts so “that others can learn how to keep their furry apartment friends healthy, happy, trained, clean, comfortable, and stylish, all on a budget.” Here is an excerpt of her review of our course:

Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

“I have completed the Pro Pet Hero cat and dog first aid and CPR training course. I chose this particular certification course because it is the only online pet CPR and first aid course that is veterinarian instructed. I feel that being instructed by a certified veterinarian gives me a little more credibility.

certified in cat and dog CPR

It took about two hours, and I did it over the course of several days. I was able to take it in small chunks, and save my progress. The lessons are taught in video format, which is very thorough in demonstrating correct first aid and CPR procedures. I feel confident after taking this course and passing the certification test that I could substantially help my dog (or someone else’s) in an emergency situation.”


You really do not have an excuse not to take this course. Its just under 2 hours, the videos are presented in short segments and you can take it from anywhere or device that has Internet. I know, you think you “know” most of what’s in it and for some of you, especially if you are a veterinarian, you just may. BUT for the pet lovers and pet care professionals out there, I guarantee you will learn several valuable and critical pieces of information that most importantly – will mean the world to animals in your care.

If you still don’t believe us or even Eliza, checkout these other reviews. For those of you that have taken the online cat and dog first aid course and understand the value, consider knocking some items off your Christmas list by giving it as a gift.




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