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National Love Your Pet Day

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I wrote last week about the benefits of sharing your life with a cat and intend to post about the similar benefits of sharing our lives with dogs. Today however, is a national day to just celebrate our love for our pets in general – today we celebrate them. Pet Lovers Everywhere While the history of this holiday seems to …

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Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Most cats are lactose intolerant so after they wean off their mother’s milk, they stop being able to breakdown dairy products. Giving your cats a bowl of milk is probably going to give them a stomach ache and is best avoided.    During the Spanish inquisition,  Pope Innocent VIII condemned cats as evil and encouraged people to burn them. As a result …

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The Inaugural Pet

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Trump Doesn’t Have a Pet The President Elect will be sworn in and he won’t have a dog by his side. President Obama didn’t either but he mentioned in his inaugural speech a promise to his daughter’s that they would get one. It took him two months but Obama delivered; first they got Bo, their male Portuguese Water dog, then …

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Why Do We Share Our Lives With Pets?

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Science Does Not Prove Pets Make Us Live Longer I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why exactly I share my life with pets and why do other people? I recently wrote a blog about my cat and how she gets into so much trouble. My dogs cost me a small fortune, they’re not able to carry on the family genes so …