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National Love Your Pet Day

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I wrote last week about the benefits of sharing your life with a cat and intend to post about the similar benefits of sharing our lives with dogs. Today however, is a national day to just celebrate our love for our pets in general – today we celebrate them. Pet Lovers Everywhere While the history of this holiday seems to …

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FDA Warns: Secondhand Smoke is Harmful to Household Pets

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Please Do Not Smoke Around Your Pets I honestly wouldn’t think this post would be needed, it seems so obvious, but so does not leaving your dog or child in a car on a hot day. I still regularly see people driving around with dogs in their car while they are smoking! When you smoke in your house the issues …

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Firefighter Rescues Guinea Pig from Housefire

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I have three guinea pigs, and can not imagine what they’d go through if there were to be a house fire. The little guys trapped in a cage without a way to escape, they’d have to be rescued by human intervention. That’s just what happened after a house fire in Florida. Kristi Waller and her two daughters, Jyllian and Pepper, …