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Drowning Dog Saved at a BBQ

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Expect the Unexpected – a True Story from a Guest Author “All eyes were on me, as I stared at the body of the lifeless dog. His tongue was blue and eyes unresponsive. I knew exactly what to do, I don’t know how but I did, and then I jumped into action.” I Didn’t Start my Day Expecting This When …

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The Super Bowl Commercial with Tom Brady and a Dog

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Pets Sell In marketing it used to be that sex sells but I am very happy to see a shift. I am not the only one that can’t make it through an evening of TV watching and not see some animal used in advertising. Heck there is now a huge inspiring movie out called a Dog’s Purpose, which illustrates the …

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Does a Lick Equal a Like for Dogs?

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Yep, licks can equal likes as well as dislikes, anxiety, hunger, love and fear. They pretty much can mean anything but I want to take some time to discover the most common reasons dogs lick and the most frequent things they lick. Licking Humans There are a variety of reasons your pup might lick you in a variety of places. …

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Why Does My Dog Lift His Leg to Pee?

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The Age Old Question I know its silly but I actually know the exact date my now 14 mo old puppy started lifting his leg. To some it can be a milestone event – like suddenly your little puppy has turned into a man. While that certainly is placing human emotion and even a human concept on your canine companion, …